About Us

We the queens of digital queendom welcome you to our new website “The Indradanush”. This site is designed to provide you a variety of blogs for the sweet and spicy aspects of life.

The site is divided in four sections:

Blogs: Feel the magic of words with our blogs section. it will contain blogs for anything that is linked to one’s life like… family, love, education, parenting, health, travel and the list goes on.

Divine: Surround yourself with the positivity of divine power. Blogs related to sprituality will be posted under this category. This section will contain blogs in Hindi language.

Tales: This section contain stories drafted with the help of variuos internet sources and books.

Verse: This section will contain beautiful poetries written by our team members.

Talent Hub : Join us and become a part of ‘The Indradanush’. There are spectrum of things that we can learn from our viewers therefore to keep the learning process on we will be organizing events, contests and games from time to time. This section will be divided into Events and Results.

Events will show the list of upcoming and ongoing events.

Results will show the results of past conducted events.

Winners : This page contains the photographs of all the happy winners who had won the contest and receive prizes for the same.

Gallery : The images displayed in slides in this section are drawn by our team members. Images are drawn with the help from internet.

Our digital journey from this platform has started… and will go a long way with your love and support.

Team, The Indradanush.

Meet the Team

Anmol Jain
Anmol Jain

Graphic Designer at Times of India. Loves to make own rules and explore life.

Honey Jain
Honey Jain

M.Phil (Biotechnology). Proud mother of two beautiful daughters and a marvelous housewife.

Monica Jain
Monica Jain

MBA and ex-banker. An ambitious soul who loves to find a quiet place and use a humble pen to give thoughts a valuable meaning.

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