मेरा भारत महान- Art & Ink Contest

Design/Draw/Write the golden words ‘ मेरा भारत महान ‘ in your style.

Participants can use any type of colours to decorate these words, You can also use mandala art, madhubani art or any other form of art to decorate.

Words should be written in Hindi only – “मेरा भारत महान”.

Avoid drawing extra and irrelevant things as judging criteria will be on how the words are decorated.

Contest is open for all the students from class Ist to Class XIIth. There are three groups.

  • Class I -IV
  • Class V – VIII
  • Class IX – XII

Do mention your name, class and city on bottom right corner of the drawing page. It should be written not typed.

Drawings should be made with due respect to the Nation.

One Winner in each group will win a Trophy and Winner E- Certificate.

All the participants will receive E certificates.

To send your entry pls what’s app on 7818997275 or 9531999383.

For queries what’s app on 7818997275 or 9531999383.



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