Spot the differences

There are eight differences in the picture given below. Can you spot them…

You can mark your answers in the image itself by downloading and editing it. Or you can write your answers and share us below in the comments section.

You can also send us your answers on what’s app no 7818997275/9531999383.

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  1. 1. Difference in colour
    2. There are 4 red flowers in image one and 3 in image 2
    3. The grass above the frog in image one is shorter than image 2
    4. There are 2 stones beside the mouse in image one and only one stone in image two
    5. There is 1 grass under the stone of frog in image one and there are 2 in image two
    6. Behind the tree in image one there is only 1 red flower but in image two there are 2 flowers red and yellow
    7. The seat of the bicycle in image one is red and in two it’s yellow
    8. In image one the mouse Has a tail and in image two it doesn’t


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