Be Kind To Your Mind

October 10th is celebrated as the World Mental Health Day every year.

Ask a question to yourself … Are you mentally healthy? Often we are reluctant to talk on this topic because we directly or indirectly relate mental health to mental disability. But these are two separate things.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well being. It effects how we feel and act in a particular situation.

If you respond to a situation you are mentally healthy and if you react to a situation then something is disturbing your mental health.

Here, I am sharing some examples of daily life that are effecting one’s mental health. Comment if you can corelate too.

  • Overthinking : Thinking of a situation which has not actually happened. Example: A wife just wasted her two hours in thinking that if her husband will come late today she will not talk to him. And actually her husband was on time. Have you ever been through this, do share your experience.
  • Comparison: No one can compare us until we allow them to do so. Personality can be enhanced only when the comparison leaves off. Example: Parents comparing their child with others. Please don’t do so. Remember : COMPARISON KILLS CONFIDENCE.
  • Insecurity: Whenever we are dependent on a relationship be it professional or personal we always feel insecure about them. Often people get so much involved in their professional work that they forgot they are earning for living or living for earning.
  • Fear: Fear of losing, fear of rejection, fear of failure and many more. Most of us lie due to fear, fear causes stress, anxiety, discomfort which directly effects our mental health.

Self Care – Mental Health

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