Do It Yourself – Results


Lets’ salute the nation on the 75th Independence Day with the spectrum of creativity.

Do It Yourself is an art and craft contest organised to explore the creative minds of the little ones.

How to Register

Free Registration

For Age Group 7-10 years: Draw any art or drawing or poster related to Diversity of India. Record the video of child making the drawing and upload it in the registration form.

For Age Group 10-12 years: Make any craft (best out of waste) related to Diversity of India. Record the video of child making the craft and upload it in the registration form.


  • Child face and hands should be clearly visible in the video.
  • Video should not be more than 7 minutes. Fast forward where required or merge the video in short clips.
  • Beginning and end of the art or craft are mandatory.
  • There are two sections for uploading in the form. In the first section upload the video and in the second section upload the photograph of child holding the art or craft work.

Selection, Results and Rewards

  • Genuine and best videos of both the categories will be uploaded on our YouTube Channel.
  • There will be two winners in each category – Judges Choice (based on jury decision) and Viewers Choice (based on maximum likes)
  • Results will be declared on our Facebook group and page on 27th August.
  • Both the winners will be awarded with trophy and winner e certificates.
  • All the Participants will receive e certificates.

Last date for Registration is August 20th’ 21. No entries will be accepted after that.

Participants are required to subscribe our YouTube Channel and join our Facebook group as results of the contest will be declared on these social handles. No information for contest results will be given on whats app.

For queries whats app to 9531999383 / 7818997275. (pls whats app only)

Diversity of India : The vast range of things that we find in and around us. In India diversity can be seen in variety of things like religions, food, clothes, tribes, etc.

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