Rejoice Your Childhood Memories 🥳

Join us on May 15th at 03:00 pm to play wonderful game of your childhood- NAME, PLACE, ANIMAL, THING.

  • Registration fee Rs. 20/- only. Limited entries. Book your seat now.
  • Send the screenshot of payment at 7818997275 or 9531999383 with your name and city.
  • Paytm no 7818997275 or 9531999383, Gpay no 9927032140
  • We will send you the link to join.
  • Only Parent/Parents or 18 years and above and Senior Citizens can participate in the game.


  • Game will start sharp at 03:05 pm.
  • Alphabets in random order will be displayed on the mobile screen.
  • You need to write a word for each column starting with that alphabet in the given time. You can answer by simply typing in whats app group.
  • Answers given should be in the order of name, place animal, thing. For example: for letter A the answers should be written or recorded as : Amit, Agra, Ant, Axe.
  • If the answers are not in order, they will not be considered.
  • Three Participants who give maximum right answers in minimum time will be the winner.
  • For each alphabet first three answers will be taken into consideration and accordingly the winner will be decided.


  • Parent/Parents who will participate in this game can register their child free for next paid event.
  • Winners will get exciting prizes.
  • Participation Certificate for all the participants.

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