WHATS APP TAMBOLA (2nd Dec 2020)

How to book the tickets:

  • Register yourself for playing the Tambola game by simply sending us a whats app message on 7818997275 . The message should contain your name and the number of tickets you want to purchase.
  • As soon as we receive the Paytm confirmation via screenshot from your end, the tickets will be send to your whats app number.
  • Paytm number : 7818997275
  • Download the tickets and make sure to copy it on a paper to play easily.
  • Your ticket will contain your name and a unique code.

How to play the game:

  • The game will start at 03:00 pm on 02nd December 2020.
  • Whats app has been created for playing the game and all the participants will be added to the same.
  • Be ready with your tickets on paper as well as open the whats app group on your mobile.
  • The game will be played through an app wherein random numbers are generated automatically. The number generated will be shared on the whats app screen.
  • Check for the numbers shared on your respective tickets and cross the same if matches.
  • After every five numbers the board will be shared.
  • As soon as you complete any variant like early five or any line or house .. you can claim the same by simply typing STOP on your whats app.
  • You need to share the image of your ticket in whats app group and the variant you are claiming for.
  • The game will be then paused for few seconds and after checking if found in order the said variant will be declared claimed.

Rules of the game:

  • Every participant is required to join the group ten minutes before the game starts.
  • A variant can only be claimed on the last number called. If any participant by chance misses to claim the variant and do it later the same will not be considered.
  • A participant after winning any one of the prize can play for house only.
  • Participants are requested to not type any other comment other than ‘STOP’ .
  • If any variant is claimed by two or more participants, the prize money will be equally divided.
  • For any query related to game you can contact us at whats app 7818997275 or mail us at info@theindradanush.com

For details in Hindi please click on below link

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