Thank you Teachers

Today on the honorable occasion of Teachers day I would like to thank all the teaching fraternity who have put untiring efforts to build our Nation’s future…

As we all know that words are the strongest medium to express our thoughts and feelings,that’s why I have choosen this medium to express my sincere gratitude towards the entire teaching fraternity.

I will begin with a quote.In the words of Malala Yusufzahi”One book,one pen,one child and one teacher can change the world”.

There is no doubt that if there were no teachers all other professions will not exist .Nobody is born as an engineer, as a doctor, as a scientist or an astronaut .It’s the immense hardwork of the teachers who bring out the hidden talents and creativity in every child’s life .

Though they write in black with white but they bring colours in every student life. In the end, I would like to say that teachers are blessings for us. So let’s pledge today to always respect our teachers ,obey them and follow their advice to be worthy citizens.

For me everyday is a Teachers Day.

Happy Teachers Day

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