Be the Lion among the Tigers …

Now … what does that means?…. Well! to answer this in simple words.. I would say … No matter the tiger is stronger than the lion but the fact is … the king of jungle is the LION.

The message I want to share through this post is …. Make yourself different from others, bring that confidence and attitude in your behaviour to image yourself as a brand.

A brand image is something to whom people trust and follows. How to brand yourself…?First step you need to do is…

Define your expertise: Like in my previous blog i had mentioned about defining your strengths, focus on the area of your strength .. be it anything like singing, playing, writing, cooking…..etc.

Learn: Start learning about the area from various sources. Learn from your mistakes and experiences. I would rather say learn from the mistakes and experiences of others. It is not necessary to do mistakes and learn from them .why wasting time….?

Share: Act like a leader. Share your learning.

Let me add to this …”Learning is a never ending process“. So, continue with the process of learning and sharing.

Friends! its not easy to gain acceptance and respect from people, but still you should never give up because “Great things take time“.

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